Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Proper (Re)Birth of Dana’s 6 Cents

Welcome to my new blahg!

New followers: Hello!!

Old followers: Please don’t freak out.

Here’s a little background: Since 2004, I’ve been writing a “blahg” on to ramble about miscellaneous happenings in my life. It’s where I told the world about almost dying while DJing one time. I enlightened my readers with the economic and sociologic factors that determine raffle ticket sales. I documented a trip that my lovely girlfriend and I took in our deathtrap Volkswagen through the mountains to visit my older sister in a far away part of New York. In the 6 years, I talked about my eye surgery, domestic challenges, confusing love/hate relationship with music, run-ins with reindeer, tattoos, and I even reported sightings of my alter-ego “Tootsie Roll Man.” It has been great fun … for me, that is.

On purpose, I just wrote on a page in my DJ website that wasn’t interactive. Unlike real blogs, I never created a forum for readers to participate in any way. It was a one-way relationship and I loved it. Well, I loved it at first, that is.

Through the years, I had no way of knowing that or if anyone was reading my postings, so I sometimes went close to a year before updating things. And then I’d bump into someone and they’d say something like, “Hey, does this mean that I’ll be in your blog?” Or, “Dana, you’ve gotta update that blog more often! You’re totally leaving us hangin’!” Cool!

And so, I’ve decided to give a proper (re)birth to my “blahg.” Dana’s 6 Cents will live on in a more proper form from now on. I promise. Enjoy and please don't hesitate to interact. 


Okay, you can stop reading this post now. 

I’m done talking.

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  1. Welcome to blogger babe!! Have fun : )

    and I love you.

    and thanks for the pink laptop ♥