Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Love Cars

My love for cars started when I was a kid, for sure. I remember collecting matchbox cars and spending a lot of time just looking them over. I loved the shapes and curves and how the parts so cleverly fit together. I don’t remember ever outwardly expressing my passion for cars – I never hung posters of sports cars on my walls … nor where there ever scaled models on my shelves … and I certainly didn’t hang around the “gear heads” in high school. No swap meets … no exotic car shows… I just sort of secretly adored cars on my own.

I wasn’t old enough to drive when I bought my first car. It was a heap of junk, but the perfect canvas for racing stripes and Bondo. I have owned a lot of cars since that first one … sometimes as many as six at a time. “What do you do with SIX cars?!” might you ask? Well … I spend a lot of time just looking them over. I love the shapes and curves and … you guessed it … I love how the parts so cleverly fit together. I love it enough to endure the ridiculous insurance bills that come every month.

My VW Baja Beetle has to be the craziest of them all. It’s a good ole fashioned bug with the roof cut off and doors removed. The engine is beefed up to about twice the factory horsepower. It has a roll cage and 5-point harness seat belts. Best of all, it’s road legal. (read older posts to hear about our trip to upstate NY in it). I’ve been having a blast sawing parts off and welding supports on in a slew of places.

So where was I going with this blahg posting? I can’t remember. I guess I just wanted to confess my gear-headedness. So there. I got it out in the open. Are you happy now?

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